Jackets are not just a warm coat – they have character. If we want a casual-cool look, we resort to leather jacket, the fashionable incarnation of freedom and adventure. If we want a strong office look, we opt for an oversized blazer with shoulder pads.

Due to the fashionable statement they make, it’s no surprise that many fashion women are passionate about jackets. We show you the best models for every season, show you the hottest trends and give tips on how to find the perfect jacket for every figure.

Lightweight jackets
Whether for balmy summer nights or fashionable layering looks, lightweight jackets can hang in abundance in our closets. Definitely should be represented by the following models.

The jacket, which is not only indispensable in the office, probably dates back to the navy’s uniform. Later, college students wore blazers in flaming red, which may explain the word origin: “blaze, flare up” is translated in English as “to blaze”. It is thanks to its unbroken popularity that today we can not only wear the classic, fitted lapel-collar model, but also find over-sized blazers, pajama blazers and military blazers in the stores.

Styling: If you do not want to wear your blazer as the only jacket, you should try a layering look. Delicate silk kimonos under the blazer provide exciting details. Conversely, it can be worn under trench coats, for example. This variant is also suitable for cooler days.

Denim was originally created to create the most durable and durable fabric that can withstand all wear and tear of everyday heavy work. On top of that, we love the denim but especially because it can be used in many ways, and always provides a touch of coolness. And so it happens that we wear denim not only in the form of pants and blouses, but also as denim jackets.

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Admit, fashion is not always beneficial. Some parts emphasize the figure less, some more. We women do not care. As long as we find the clothes great, we carry just about everything.

Yes, we love fake fur jackets! Not only because they are the it-piece of the season, but also because they are super fluffy and our legs look even slimmer in contrast to the Big Fur.

Men, on the other hand, do not just hate Fake Fur fringes, which for them are anything but fluffy and annoying. They also find that the whole look looks more like carrot (broad shoulders, narrow legs) than top models.

Oversized cuts have long since become indispensable in our wardrobes. Whether as a sweater, knit dress, denim jacket or coat. We particularly love the latter because he is the perfect piece for a casual layering look. Finally, only fits under this coat a thin turtleneck plus long blouse combined with a rustic cable knit sweater, without that it looks stupid.

Men, however, see it very differently. For her, the oversized coat is the big sister of the potato sack. De facto anything but handsome. Ouch!



The trend in fashion may generally go towards luxurious minimalism à la Céline or The Row – but at the New York Fashion Week in September 2016, the post goes back!

Numerous editors and outfit bloggers were spotted with elaborately embroidered leather, college or denim jackets.

The styling effect is super clever: the outfit looks rather classic in the foreground, but the backside causes street style photographers like Timur Emek or Christian Vierig aka The Styleograph to freak out.

The most beautiful jackets come in this season u.a. from Gucci and are elaborately embroidered, but also cheaper lines like Isabel Marant Etoile or Zara have great models in the range.

Asian motifs such as tigers or romantic birds are very popular, but rivets, patches and slogans in capital letters are also allowed. A bit of punk attitude does not hurt!

By the way: Hoodies may now also be printed on the back in bold – the current Parisian over-label Vetements is the trend.



Women of above or below average height often have difficulty shopping: on very large women, off-the-shelf garments look too short, while petite women in unfavorably cut clothes look even smaller. Read what both types of styling look for and what looks they should avoid.

Julianne Moore is quite small with 1.60 meters, Model Inès de la Fressange with 1.80 meters above average size. With a few tricks on outfit choice and styling succeed but both celebrity ladies perfect appearances on the red carpet.

Prominent women know how to skilfully hide small weak points: For example, actress Julianne Moore is barely to be seen at events and fashion shows that with her height of just 1.60 meters she belongs to the little women. With clever styling methods, even small women look fashionable – and visually – very big.